June 26, 2016

Summer Beachwear

Summer is definitely one of everyone’s favourite seasons! Most of our good and enjoyable moments be it with a family or friends come from the summer. Nobody ever remembers how cool they spent time in Winter, however everyone remembers how they were partying till dawn in the summer nights of Ibiza, Mykonos or LA; how they were strolling down the beach in their new toned up shape and new bikini; how they were enjoying a glass or two by the pool with their girlfriends! Oh and when that Summer Anthem comes up on the radio, it brings all those memories back! 

Glasses by Dior
Slippers by Prada
Location: Nikki Beach Fairmont Monte Carlo

June 07, 2016

Ekaterina's Thrift Shop

Come and join us for one and only Summer Sale full of amazing one-off pieces, celebrity garments, bikini, kaftans and so much more!! 
Nearest Tube: Fulham Broadway (Distrcit Line)
                        Imperial Wharf ( Overground)
Local Buses : 22 and 11

Looking forward to seeing you there!

March 21, 2016

Breakfast Club

On Friday 18th March, we have held our first ever Breakfast Club at Belgraves Hotel, London. The guests have arrived early at 8 am before rushing back to the offices to finalize their weekly work. They were greeted with a warm welcome from myself and a choice of coffee or tea to warm up on a cold  London morning.

 As for the breakfast I went for a 'Get up and go healthy package': avocado on toast, sourdough and rye bread toast, wheat free spelt banana bread, granola bars, plain yoghurt and poached seasonal fruits, fresh fruit platters and a freshly squeezed Veggy Juice Jars to add to the colour palette.

A lot of people asked me what a Breakfast Club is. We have of course gathered for a purpose of showing and discussing the newest AW16 collection, the concept and all the work that goes behind creating a knitted collection from scratch.

The ladies had a chance to speak about their favourite pieces in the collection, try them on as well as discuss all the latest gossip, share their health and beauty tips.

For the Breakfast Club I chose to wear all Pink. I went for a Leto top from the current SS16 season styled with Pink Audrey Skirt and Pink Flamingo shoes from SS15 collection.

We have stylized the entire terrace of Belgraves into 'Ekaterina Kukhareva' signature print cushions and flowers and of course had some lollipops from Spun Candy and cupcakes with EK Logo on them.

No one has left empty handed! We have teamed up with the gorgeous Anti-Ageing label Malvina Skincare produced in Switzerland and our guests had a chance to test their products which came in our knitted clutch bags.

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February 12, 2016

Introducing EK London - SS16

Following the successful launch of  ‘EK London’ knitwear label Ekaterina Kukhareva takes this diffusion line into the next season by introducing a comprehensive line of swimwear, cover ups and day dresses for the Spring/Summer’16 season.  Playing off the inspiration for the mainline collection of evening wear EK London presents folk inspired beach wear and day dresses for the more relaxing and casual moments of our lives.
 The SS’16 collection focuses on swimwear, beach cover ups, light day dresses that would take an EK London girl from the beach to the pool side cocktail party in a heartbeat. No summer wardrobe is complete without a folk inspired piece of clothing- for EK London it is the floor-length pearl and white summer dress.
 The ‘must have’ pieces for SS16 include a beach cover up in hues of deep sky blue and white, statement bikini in sheer gold and black, long pointelle light summer dresses for those summer nights and beach side vacations.
 Remaining true to her brand DNA, design aesthetic and as a specialist knitwear technician Ekaterina incorporates all of her signature prints, patterns and textures in this young, fresh and design led diffusion line.
 EK LONDON- edgy, cool, wearable, strong, design led knitwear label for all seasons manages to create timeless pieces with a modern appeal that will be sure to make a strong, fashion forward statement this season.

Photography: VicoolyaSaida
Model: Anastasia Parfe

December 08, 2015

One of many...

For fashion designers it is easy to get caught up in the fashion cycle and miss what is right now, today, at present. And right now, today people are all getting ready for all the parties to be enjoyed over the holidays season and requests for Carmela dress just keep on coming! As a key style of the season for Ekaterina Kukhareva, as an absolute must have from our Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Collection  I would really like to share with you the story of Carmela dress. 
It all starts rather unexpectedly, without much planning or forethought, but there is always that eureka moment when you see something and things just fall into place and you know it is right.
  First Sketch of Carmela Dress
Can you spot the birds? 
A quick trip to Milan for Furniture Exhibition (more about that in the next post), a glance at this beautiful pattern, tapestry on the wall and a consultation over colours of the season and I was ready to create what is now known as Carmela Dress.
 Hanging tapestry- an interior design choice much favoured by my ancestors in my native Ukraine. Once again mirror image of the birds, almost identical but not quite...
Shapes, colour combination, texture 
For those of you unfamiliar with my design process, I usually start by picking out a few patterns and prints that inspire me such as the beautiful illustration of birds pecking at the berries above, and it is then translated and reinterpreted into a digital form. I then take this graphic design of the pattern and programme it using M1 Plus software, which I then feed into my knitting machine- STOLL and that is when the magic really happens. All those hours of planning, drawing, pondering over various concepts are over and you can actually see the result of your hard work- that is beautiful fabric that is churned out by the knitting machine- bit by bit at a time.
Once I have my fabric ready I try it on- on a mannequin, on my self, on my colleagues and sometimes you find that what you have created feels slightly different or drapes differently and the original design of the dress gets adjusted and tweaked. But that’s just the way I like it - I let the fabric help me in my design process as patterns and prints placement are such an integral part in my designs that sometimes it is only when you have the fabric in hands that you can truly see and appreciate its beauty and then act accordingly. 
Here, it was only natural to have Carmela that is a long gown that hits just below the ankle rather than a just below the knee  cocktail dress, that was originally designed with this print in mind. 
And now for the fun part- Let me introduce you to Carmela Dress- different colour combinations, different ways to wear and style it. Take it from runway to the streets in no time! 
AW15 Lookbook shot by Philip Meech
Model: Mollie Cruickshank
Makeup and Hair : Julia Wilson
Harbin Fashion Week January 2015
Susie Bubble during London Fashion Week February 2014
Lilia Roslyk wearing Carmela Dress during Paris Fashion Week
Finally me wearing Carmela Dress in Kensigton Gardens 
Shot by Anastasia Orlando Berger